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State Beach Funding Request


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Financial Impact

This agenda item is for approval to submit beach funding requests and a supporting resolution to the State of Florida (FDEP). There are no financial impacts to the County at this time. If the funding requests are approved by the State, staff will return to the Erosion District Board for acceptance of funds and confirm that there are sufficient matching funds.

Previous Action

The Erosion District has annually submitted beach funding requests to the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) in order to sustain a very successful beach management program. 


Staff recommends Board approval to submit the Beach Management Funding Assistance (BMFA) Program funding application requests to the State of Florida (FDEP) for FY-2019/20 along with the attached supporting resolution and formally request FY-2018/19 State supplemental Hurricane Irma funds for impacts to South County Beaches.



The Beach Management Funding Assistance Program (BMFA) is a Long-Range Budget Plan administered through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to assist eligible local governments with their beach erosion control projects. Each application request must include a detailed project description, cost estimate, and a supporting resolution from the governing body.  Individual projects then receive a priority ranking based upon several criteria. The submittal deadline for consideration of FY-2019/20 BMFA State funds is August 1, 2018.  More detailed information will accompany the actual funding application to FDEP.


The Florida Legislature also appropriated $11,198,282.00 to provide financial assistance to local governments (see attached) associated with Hurricane Irma impacts. These supplemental funds were approved as match to Federal funds and may provide up to 50% of the non-Federal costs to undertake beach and dune restoration. Hurricane Irma damages associated with St. Lucie County’s South County Beach Project are a potential candidate for the additional funding.  Interested parties have been asked to submit their request by email before October 1, 2018 for consideration.


Table 1 (attached) summarizes the items that will be included within the state BMFA application. Table 2 (attached) further identifies each individual funding request.  Please note the following:


·              Nine (9) of the nineteen (19) items seek reimbursement for tasks already completed.

·              Three (3) post-Hurricane Irma related tasks are included within both the BMFA application and the supplemental Irma request to increase funding chances.

·              It is highly unlikely the South County Beach and Dune restoration (post-Hurricane Irma) project would move forward without an approved FEMA claim obligating 75% federal funding.


Compilations of these funding estimates utilize the best available information and are subject to revision due to many factors.



Meeting History

Jul 24, 2018 9:00 AM  Erosion District Regular Meeting
MOVER:Chris Dzadovsky, District No. 1,Vice Chair
SECONDER:Linda Bartz, District No. 3
AYES:Frannie Hutchinson, Chris Dzadovsky, Anthony Bonna, Linda Bartz, Cathy Townsend