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Action Item

Harbour Pointe Conceptual Drainage Study, Work Authorization No. 03, Contract C14-11-677 with Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.


Category:Work Authorization

Financial Impact

Funds are available in the Port Operations account 140001-4315-534000-400.

Previous Action

February 14, 2017 - County Administrator approval of Work Authorization No. 3 with Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc. for the Harbour Pointe Conceptual Drainage Assessment in the amount of $35,732.00.




Staff recommends Board approval of the First Amendment to Work Authorization No. 03 to contract C-14-11-677 in the amount of $28,870.00 with Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc. in the total amount of $64,602.00 for the engineering, investigation, and design work on the Harbour Pointe Conceptual Drainage Study, and authorization for the Chairman to sign documents as approved by the County Attorney.


The Harbour Pointe parcel is approximately 20 acres of vacant land within the City of Fort Pierce, and is considered one of the most desired sites for development. The future use of the parcel is being contemplated by the County and there is interest in maximizing the usable land space within the parcel limits.  Thus the County is interested in obtaining a conceptual study to understand alternatives to the existing stormwater management on the site. 


The recently improved North 2nd Street is the primary access road into the Port of Fort Pierce Operations Area.  The roadway provides access to most of the existing business located at the Port, as well as access to the undeveloped vacant properties.  North 2nd Street is a City-owned and maintained right-of-way.  Due to the limited available space and right-of-way for stormwater treatment, the parcel at Harbour Pointe was utilized during the design and construction of the roadway improvements.


The goals of the conceptual drainage study at Harbour Pointe are to perform an engineering analysis to evaluate existing conditions and provide recommendations for maximizing usable space for future development.  Three primary objectives of the study are; review of pertinent development and permitting regulations, assessment of existing conditions and analysis of probable “build-out” conditions and, conceptual analysis of alternatives for accommodating the existing drainage (North 2nd Street Pond 2A) and future stormwater needs for proposed site development.


The study was initially started as a minimal concept study in February 2017 with a limited scope.  We have recently requested a greater project scope as outlined above.  To that end, we have created an amendment to the work authorization for Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc.  This firm has previously provided engineering roadway and stormwater design services for St. Lucie County, and is currently on the St. Lucie County continuing services contract for roadway, stormwater engineering and consulting.  We anticipate that Inwood Consulting Engineers, Inc. will continue to perform the necessary services for successful completion of this study. 


Meeting History

Sep 5, 2017 6:00 PM Video Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting
MOVER:Tod Mowery, District No. 2, Vice-Chairman
SECONDER:Linda Bartz, District No. 3
AYES:Chris Dzadovsky, Tod Mowery, Linda Bartz, Cathy Townsend
ABSENT:Frannie Hutchinson