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Assistant Information Technology Director


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Financial Impact

The funding for this position has been established in our department’s annual operation’s costs, and it will not impact our budget negatively.

Previous Action



Staff recommends Board approval for Assistant Information Technology Director position starting salary of $98,500.00 per year.  The recommendation is based upon the applicant's level of experience and the Public Employers Personnel Information Exchange (PEPIE) report.


Our Selection Committee interviewed five (5) candidates for the vacant Assistant IT Director position. This was a vacant IT Analyst position that was reclassified earlier this Fiscal Year.  The top two (2) candidates were interviewed a second time, with the County Administrator participating in the final selection process.  Based on the ranking results from the selection committee, Mr. Ronald H. McKenzie is the most qualified applicant for the Information Technology (IT) Department and is a veteran of the United States Army.


Mr. McKenzie has over 30 years of telecommunications and information technology experience.  This includes seven (7) years serving in the military (January 1985 - September 1992) and eight (8) years as  a Chief Information Officer at the City of Miami Gardens (March 2008 - February 2016) with an IT budget of $2.5M and capital projects of up to $65M.  He has also worked in the private sector on various technical projects.  Mr. McKenzie has excellent communications skills, and has managed a work force of up to 17 supervisors and technicians in his previous position.  Additionally, Mr. McKenzie has served in employee volunteer programs raising $40,000 for charities in Washington, DC and was the former Southeast District Director for the Florida Local Government Information Systems Association (FLGISA).  Mr. McKenzie has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from State University of New York at New Paltz, and he is a certified Government Chief Information Officer from the Florida Institute of Government at Florida State University.  Furthermore, Mr. McKenzie is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI) and has a certification from the Office of Government Commerce (OGC - UK) in IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL V3) Service Management.                  


The average salary as noted in the attached Public Employers Personnel Information Exchange (PEPIE) report for an IT Assistant Director is $99,196 per year.  The industry average for a hire with Mr. McKenzie’s education and experience would be approximately $105,000 per year.  Currently, the County’s pay range for this position is from $63,923 to $102,239 (Pay Grade 28).  Therefore, based on the applicant’s experience, qualifications and as related to the applicable salary research, a starting salary of $98,500 per year is recommended for Mr. McKenzie. 



Meeting History

Sep 5, 2017 6:00 PM Video Board of County Commissioners Regular Meeting

This item was pulled for a separate discussion and vote.

Commissioner Townsend expressed concern about the County’s hiring of an information technology employee at this time and asked for clarification regarding the necessity of the position.

County Administrator, Howard Tipton, responded that the position was added to provide additional leadership in that area. Commissioner Townsend asked about the candidate selection process and asked whether the recommended candidate had a personal relationship with the department head, and the County Administrator responded that he did not know.

Seeing no further discussion, Chairman Dzadovsky asked if there was a motion.

Commissioner Townsend stated that she did not feel comfortable with bringing an additional employee into the IT department at this time and felt that there were other things that needed to be discussed before they could fill that position. Chairman Dzadovsky expressed concern that the Board not overstep its bounds into the hiring of individual employees, which is the purview of the County’s professional administration team. Commissioner Townsend reiterated that she had some concerns and she recommended not approving the position and discussing it at an informal meeting before making a decision. Chairman Dzadovsky said that he would not support delaying the approval because the impending storm would delay their ability to meet and attend to this item by weeks or months. He also reiterated his concern about crossing the fine line between the Board making policy and overreaching into County administration. He suggested that if the Board needed to make a policy change regarding hiring, that could be done at a later time.

Commissioner Mowery said that it was his understanding that the position in question was a vacant position that was reclassified and therefore was not a cost increase, and asked the County Administrator to clarify. The County Administrator agreed that was correct.

Commissioner Townsend asked for clarification that the position was already included in the budget but not yet filled and that the position wouldn’t be raising the approved department budget by putting a new employee in place. The County Administrator responded affirmatively.

Commissioner Bartz commented that if there is a personnel issue that needs to be discussed it should be a conversation with the County Administrator.

Chairman Dzadovsky thanked Commissioner Townsend for keeping the County fiscally responsible.

Commissioner Bartz motioned to approve staff’s recommendation of the Assistant Information Technology Director position. Commissioner Mowery seconded the motion and it carried 4-0.

MOVER:Linda Bartz, District No. 3
SECONDER:Tod Mowery, District No. 2, Vice-Chairman
AYES:Chris Dzadovsky, Tod Mowery, Linda Bartz, Cathy Townsend
ABSENT:Frannie Hutchinson